About Us

Thyrm LLC was formed to create innovative products for tactical and wilderness applications.  We specialize in outfitting end users in a wide range of environments, such as military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts who depend on the field-proven simplicity and efficacy of their gear.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the United States of America except for promotional patches (made in China through an American distributor).

On April 4, 2016, ITS Tactical released a great article about Thyrm, “Tactical Startup: Thyrm and Their Silicon Valley Roots” by Matthew Sharp.
ITS Tactical

“Unlike other Bay Area garage startups, however, the problems Thyrm is most interested in solving are those that affect people engaged in force of arms professions.
Thyrm involves the entire Frazier family…
Design and testing takes place in Sunnyvale, while production, prototyping and fulfillment takes place in Ohio and Chicago. While the various aspects of the company may be distributed and in some ways “virtual,” all Thyrm products are 100% American-made.
Thyrm is also working on developing devices for military and civilian medical first responders, gathering feedback from those in the field in order to try and solve technical problems to help them be more effective in saving lives.”

Thyrm’s inaugural product was the SwitchBack Flashlight Ring: backup invert lines. black background 356x475 large invert lines grey backgrnd 356x475

After taking a look at all of the options available for flashlights and weapon-lights we realized that there was a big disconnect: Weapon-lights are great for shooting, but they create a lot of liability when searching. Flashlights are better for searching, but they require awkward grips to align the flashlight and firearm. The SwitchBack Flashlight Rings allow the user to rapidly deploy a flashlight for searching or single-hand shooting techniques, and then reorient the flashlight for use with a two-handed grip just like a weapon-light. Users can also perform reloads and clear malfunctions without having to stow or hang the light. Overall, the SwitchBack allows military, law enforcement and responsible citizens to deploy their flashlights faster, search more safely, and shoot better, without having to own a drawer full of illumination tools.  The SwitchBack Flashlight Ring also has many applications in the outdoor recreation and industrial worlds.

Our newest product is the Cell Vault, a IPX8 waterproof case that clips to molle, webbing, straps, and a variety of other surfaces, and can stay attached while the case is inverted to reveal its contents.  It was specially designed to hold three CR-123, 4 AAA, or 2 AA batteries, but can store all sorts of other gear, from first aid to consumables to money or flash drives.