THYRM LLC is an American family-owned business led by the belief that innovative, robust products can make users more effective and resilient. Our product design team has more than 40 combined years of experience developing tools for skilled operators in high-risk professions. Additionally, we work with multiple subject matter experts within the products’ field of use to ensure our designs meet user needs.

The SwitchBack® and CellVault® product lines are designed and manufactured in the USA in partnership with injection molding experts who understand the critical performance needs of our products and what’s at stake for our customers.  CLENS is also produced in the USA.

It’s extremely important to THYRM that our corporate partners share our core values, which has led us to work with companies such as Reticle Marketing Group for marketing communications and strategy, and Firelance Media for videos and imagery.

THYRM backs all its products for life, providing soldiers, emergency personnel, and responsible citizens the support they deserve.  We believe that designing and manufacturing products in the USA contributes to our communities, speeds product development, and keeps products in stock.

Note: some promotional items, such as PVC patches may be imported when stateside resources are not available.

“Unlike other Bay Area garage startups, however, the problems Thyrm is most interested in solving are those that affect people engaged in force of arms professions.

Thyrm involves the entire Frazier family…

Design and testing takes place in Sunnyvale, while production, prototyping and fulfillment takes place in Ohio and Chicago. While the various aspects of the company may be distributed and in some ways “virtual,” all Thyrm products are 100% American-made.

Thyrm is also working on developing devices for military and civilian medical first responders, gathering feedback from those in the field in order to try and solve technical problems to help them be more effective in saving lives.”