Want to know more about Thyrm? Below, you’ll find our most recommended media if you are first becoming acquainted with us, followed by media grouped by type, chronologically. Enjoy!

Sage Dynamics Video (September 6, 2016) about the Thyrm SwitchBack, a ring that converts a flashlight into a flexible tool that can be used in all original ways plus the SwitchBack Technique, a relatively natural two-handed shooting grip.

Video about the Thyrm Cell Vault, a Battery, Safety, or Survival Gear storage solution (January 19, 2016), also viewable at Vimeo:

Mil-Spec Monkey Video about the Thyrm Cell Vault with context for design motivation (February 17, 2016):

Mil-Spec Monkey Video about the SwitchBack Flashlight Ring with context for design motivation (February 6, 2014):

A fun, short ad for Thyrm’s inaugural products:

The SwitchBack Flashlight Rings (Large and Backup sizes):

Breach Bang Clear article, “Tactically Tubular,” about the Thyrm Cell Vault (January 24, 2016).

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Online Editorial Article about the SwitchBack Flashlight Ring by David Reeder at Recoil Magazine on April 23, 2014:

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  • DarkVault Critical Gear Cases can store phones and tactical pens

“Unprecedented levels of protection”

October 16, 2019: Shooting Illustrated staff writes about their First Look: Thyrm DarkVault Comms Case saying both are designed for professional and personal carriage of today's modern communication [...]


Screen capture of Practically Tactical podcast in which SwitchBack was discussed


  • Two PyroVaults, one front and one back, on a metal surface

Thyrm PyroVault is Here!

May 2018, Thyrm released the PyroVault, a rugged, easy-grip case to house a classic Zippo-style lighter.  See the product video below.

  • SwitchBack Large 2.0 Flashlight Ring installation diagram for Streamlight, Surefire, and Elzetta Lights

SwitchBack 2.0 Tactics and Installation

We recently spent a weekend training with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and created this “deep dive” video to provide a more thorough perspective on how you can integrate the SwitchBack 2.0 into your low-light [...]

  • SwitchBack Technique with light being illuminated via pressure on the fox ear of the SwitchBack

Thyrm Releases the SwitchBack Large 2.0

Release of the newest model of the SwitchBack Large, the SwitchBack Large 2.0 received much media attention including posts by Officer.com, Soldier Systems, SOFREP,Loadout Room, and Guns.com, beginning on October 13, 2017. The launch included [...]