In SWAT Magazine‘s May 18, 2018 issue, Eugene Nielsen writes extensively about the Thyrm SwitchBack 2.0.

“The new design addresses the issues I had with the original model, namely the lack of a break-away release on the finger ring and the design of the pocket clip. That being said, the few minuses I saw in the original design were more than outweighed by the benefits. And not only does the new SwitchBack 2.0 address those minor issues, it also takes the SwitchBack to a new level. I cannot find any issues with it, only advantages. Whether or not you carry a gun, you should always carry a flashlight. Even during the day, you may encounter diminished lighting scenarios in which a flashlight is necessary. And if you carry a flashlight, I highly recommend equipping it with the SwitchBack. There are no downsides to doing so.”