Thyrm Wins On Target Award

//Thyrm Wins On Target Award

In Winter 2018’s On Target Magazine, Thyrm’s CLENS was awarded with one of the 16th Annual Editor’s Choice Awards. The CLENS Lens Protectors are the result of a collaboration with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics.

“If you’ve ever employed sacrificial goggle “tear-offs” when riding your dirtbike or ATV in muddy, dusty or otherwise vision-inhibiting conditions, you know the value of clear vision. Thyrm’s weaponlight-lens covers are essentially the same idea, and fix what has always been a difficult-to-rectify situation—carbon-coated lenses due to muzzle blast. Removing light-diminishing, baked-on carbon from a weaponlight lens usually requires more than the swipe of a rag, with some sort of solvent and elbow grease also coming into play. These little inexpensive-gems from Thyrm are a simple peel ‘n stick affair, and as soon as one becomes sufficiently dirty, simply peel it off, discard and slap a fresh one on.”