The Thyrm CellVault, CellVault XL, CellVault-18, and CellVault-5M are waterproof, attachable gear solutions. They were designed for battery storage, but can store many things in their food-safe plastic, including survival gear and medicine.

The CellVault comes in four sizes:

    • CellVault is the original size, designed specifically for CR123s, though it also fits AAA and AA alkaline batteries well.
    • CellVault XL is twice the original size, giving a lot more storage options for CR123s, AAAs, and AAs, but also fits two 18650s.
    • CellVault-18 was designed specifically to fit rechargeable 18650s and 18350s, as well as smaller batteries.
    • CellVault-5M was designed specifically to store CR123s, 18650s, 18350s, and CR2032 batteries in modular configurations made more customizable with an additional Modular Insert Pak and with Battery Patches.


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